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Here are some common
questions about Co2Zero.
Q: What is Co2Zero? What is the problem thatwe want to solve?
    A: Co2Zero is the world's first WEB3.0 protocol for personal carbon neutral NFT and carbon asset trading and circulation. Through the technical features of decentralization, tamper-proof and traceability of blockchain, it supports the credible record of the full life cycle of carbon footprint and the credible circulation of all elements of carbon emissions. Our vision is to strive for global carbon neutrality by 2050 through the empowerment of individual low-carbon lifestyles through blockchain and NFT
Q: whatis Co2Zero NFT?
    A: Co2Zero NFT is a personal low carbon lifestyle honor NFT, created by Co2Zero, designed to guide individuals to actively participate in carbon neutrality, in order to document and develop a personal low carbon lifestyle and receive the ultimate glory and reward.
Q: Whatisthe total of Co2Zero NFT?
    A: Total of NFTs are 20,000. First time pre-sale 10,000 NFTs. The additional 10,000 NFTs will be synthesized in the product.
Q: What role does Alibaba Cloud play in our products? Isthereany other organizations are involved?
    A: Alibaba Cloud E2 Energy provides technical support for our products, and contributes to the successful launch of Co2Zero through low carbon algorithm, carbon reduction methodology, artificial intelligence, data security and other technical means. For other organizations and institutions, we will gradually announce it. At present, the UNFCCC and other environmental organizations are paying close attention to our innovation.
Q: Estimated launch time? What aspect is personal low-carbon behavior reflected?
    A: The first version is 2-3 months away. We are currently focusing on new energy vehicles, and we plan to launch low-carbon models related to new energy vehicles.
Q: So what is the carbon emission methodology for new energy vehicles? How to monitor reasonably and impartially?
    A: For the electric vehicle replacement fuel oil vehicle program, the methodology cited is AMS-III.C.: Emission reductions by Electric and Hybrid Vehicles Version 15.0. The methodology applies to new electric or hybrid vehicles replacing existing fossil fuel vehicles(By V.C.S.https://verra.org/)
Q: Is there any investment required to participate in Co2zero's carbon neutral project?
    A: There is no investment required to participate, but first-time participation will be given priority to our NFT holders.
Q: Would we consider issuing Government tokens?
    A: Not at present, we will try it in the future when it is compliant.
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